Is xHamster just a website for adorable mice and rats?

If you’re anything like me, you might have been tricked into visiting xHamster when you were younger because you were led to believe it was only a place for pictures of people’s fluffy pets. The truth is that xHamster is a website where users can watch only hardcore sex videos uploaded by independent amateurs and hundreds of studios. My research suggests that xHamster, which is currently ranked 59 globally for overall visitors while PornHub is ranked 27, is one of the most popular porn-based websites out there in terms of traffic. It is sufficient to say that you should anticipate great things from this well-known adult streaming service: a large user base and a long history make for the ideal pornographic environment. So let’s discuss xHamster’s positives and negatives right away.
The first time using xHamster

For me, the initial user experience determines whether a tube site succeeds or fails. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve landed on the homepage of a video network only to immediately want to leave because of the appalling design. Overall, xHamster does a fantastic job of providing a fantastic initial browse. The first thing it does is show you 10 “hot porn videos” that you can instantly replace with other suggestions by using the “refresh” feature; this only takes a few milliseconds and doesn’t require reloading the entire page. The most recent scenes are listed below that, and according to xHamster, about 3,000 new videos are added every day.

It’s easy to narrow down your search thanks to the segment’s use in sorting content based on user ratings and length. You can choose to view all of the website’s videos in one place or just those that are marked as HD or VR-friendly in another. It’s encouraging to see that xHamster goes above and beyond to satisfy the user given how few porn tubes currently support these features. Finally, a list of the most popular niches is presented for you to click through on the homepage’s left side. You have the option to view all of the available categories in addition to the traditional categories like Asian, amateur, blowjob, massage, lesbian, and teen. After exploring xHamster, I’m pleased with how accurately videos are classified. On some websites, users try to manipulate the system by flooding uploads with every category imaginable, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.
sexy porn watching

The quality experience you have while browsing is carried over to the stream once you have chosen a video that you like. The videos are presented in a very similar way to how they appear on YouTube, down to the location of the cog to change the video quality if you want to play it in slow motion or the ‘large mode’ that enlarges the video without going full screen. Mini-thumbnail displays when you hover over the time bar to get an idea of where the scene is at seem to be missing on xHamster from other apps I’ve used. It’s a great feature that gives the user more control over the content they watch, so if I had to suggest one improvement to the guys here, that would probably be it.

For tube sites, the ability to view content offline is a huge selling point. xHamster’s download feature enables you to store videos locally. If you want this feature right away, you must sign up for the tube; otherwise, you must wait 60 seconds as a guest. Believe it or not, I actually just upgraded my Internet connection at work so I could more thoroughly test websites. I spent about 12 seconds from start to finish downloading a 200 MB, 720p video from xHamster. My 150 Mb/s link was fully saturated at the connection’s peak speed of around 19 MB/s. For the user, this is fantastic because it effectively enables you to store content on-demand; the only restriction is your Internet connection.
Is xHamster premium membership worthwhile?

Nowadays, a lot of adult video websites offer premium membership plans, and xHamster is no different. Gold membership is quite expensive, costing $19.99 USD (or £17.45 if you’re in the UK) per month. PayPal or Credit Card payments are accepted: I suppose that’s pretty cool. You gain access to more than 8,700 videos from a variety of studios for this comparatively high price, the majority of which appear to be supported in 1080p HD formats. They essentially have licensing rights to content from reputable studios and pay websites, as far as I can tell. Along with Teen Mega World, Japan Lust, Tricky Agent, Stepmom Seduction, and Eros Arts, there are more than 500 contributors. Since the majority of the biggest producers aren’t licensing their content here, I’ll be honest and say that this isn’t an all-star collection of paysite content.

Tokens that can be used to watch scenes can also be bought. Batch sizes for these are 200, 520, 1085, and 2250. The cost of 200 tokens is $19.99, and each video typically costs 25 or 50 tokens. Not the best value for the money, but good if you want to watch something you can’t find elsewhere.

It’s important to note that the xHamster free content archive currently contains about 1.3 million videos.
I don’t like xHamster

I don’t usually complain, and you guys may not give a fuck about what I’m about to say, but a few years ago, xHamster made a change that really irked me. In short, they declared that they would no longer support porn that they deemed to be supportive of “rape culture” in the wake of the Brock Turner incident. This seemed to be a terrible PR gimmick, but they handled it in a less-than-reasonable manner.

You can find a message that reads “probably it’s time you consulted with a professional psychologist” on xHamster if you type in keywords like “rape”. The issue here is that there are many people who watch simulated rape pornography who are mentally sound and don’t require assistance because having an interest in this BDSM subculture isn’t a problem. Being a dom at heart, I felt personally attacked. I also know many women who were offended by the notion that if you enjoy that kind of content, you must be a bad person and require assistance.

I won’t defend non-simulated content because I morally oppose it, but why the virtue signaling if everyone involved is happy with how things are going? The worst part is that xHamster’s content policies seem inconsistent. If you’re going to outlaw simulated rape pornography, you also need to outlaw voyeur, but there are thousands of scenes that fall under this category—they’ve even created a description for it.

Despite my political concerns about the censorship of its content, I still think xHamster is a fantastic website. Overall, this location provides a fantastic user experience and is honest about what it can and cannot deliver. If you enjoy BDSM content, you might want to find a tube that is more accommodating of your tastes, but for smut fans in general, this location sets the bar high for live streaming services.