Having doubts about the viability of virtual reality for pornography? Just ask any of the numerous businesses that have made significant investments in it. It’s understandable why people are wary: watching porn still carries a stigma, and using a headset while doing so can be uncomfortable at first. However, embracing technology will enable you to experience live performance or, even better, the feeling of being in the audience with the performers. The expense is the only drawback. A membership can help with that. is positioned as a one-stop shop for virtual reality porn, pulling bits and pieces from some of the largest VR studios in the industry. Is it worthwhile to invest in, or should you look elsewhere for your VR comforts? Here’s everything you need to know about joining and why it’s one of the top websites for virtual reality porn. is a fantastic deal if you’re just dipping your toes in the water of virtual reality pornography. Simply paying $19.95 for a basic month of premium access is less expensive than many popular pornographic websites. The offers are even better, though, if you purchase for the entire year. Just $95.40, or $7.95 per month, will get you a full year’s worth of access to VR Porn is a bargain if price is a key consideration for you.

POVR is an interesting wordplay. Because this is a virtual reality website and many of the scenes are POV, it works on two levels. It is, however, much more than that. You can view thousands of videos from some of the biggest adult VR stars on this website.
The Advantages

The Best VR Content on Websites

There is content on POVR from the best VR websites, including Wankz VR, BaDoink VR, and VR Bangers, to name a few. As a result, if you are familiar with any of those websites, you are already aware that the experiences include some of the sexiest women in the business, such as Gabbie Carter, Penny Pax, and Lexi Luna. Telling you what you’re not getting in terms of action would almost be simpler. You can find anything there, including intense sex, solo scenes, anal, blowjobs, feet fetish, threesomes, and orgies. In contrast to other tube sites, they even have their own distinctive scenes. Since they have only recently started filming them, there are currently only 16, but they include threesomes, cosplay, and even one with a Covid theme.

Huge, Continual Update Collection

Without even signing up, you can view roughly 15,000 free VR scene trailers. But the real magic happens once you sign up for a premium membership, which gives you access to 3,000 full-length virtual reality experiences. And that number will only rise given that they’re adding at least one or two new scenes every day.

8K or higher immersive VR videos

The quality varies depending on the website the content is coming from, but generally speaking, 4K scenes with a few going as high as 8K are to be expected. For the latter, you’ll need a capable headset that can handle an 8K video, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry: they have compatible downloads for all the widely used headsets on the market, including the Rift, Vive, Gear VR, PSVR, and a ton more.

The encounters feel genuinely immersive as a whole. The premium videos are between 60 and 90 frames per second and either run in 180 or 360 degrees. Stereoscopic sound makes the girl’s groans audible and makes them seem incredibly smooth.

Interactive Theater Mode

One of the best ways to stream the content is to use their VR theater room. It makes it possible to move easily through the entire collection in a virtual theater environment. All you need to do to begin any video is click the play button.

Others of Value

Any collection this size can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have the right browsing tools, but POVR has you covered. There are many tags and categories, as well as basic search and sorting options. Additionally, you can rate, comment on, and save your favorite scenes. And if you’re using a headset that is powered by your phone, you’re good to go because it is completely mobile-optimized.
If you need help setting up VR, there is a great guide available. You can also use their active forum to do so when you need help with something or just want to chat with someone at random.

The Negatives

Two-dimensional trailers are free content.

Sadly, all of the free videos are simply 2D trailers. They can still be viewed in VR, but the immersion is completely lacking. They occasionally have the complete versions when you subscribe to the premium service. The full-length scenes, however, were sometimes only accessible after registering with the website where the videos were hosted.

minuscule flaws

Despite being downloadable, 8K files are incredibly big in terms of file size. I found files with a maximum size of nearly 20GB. Just make sure you have the bandwidth and hard drive space for them.

In summary

Come for the free content; stay for the incredible VR experiences that come with a premium membership.

You’re going to come here for the incredible 3,000 true VR videos that you get with a premium membership, not the free content. With a monthly cost of only $25, that’s a pretty sweet deal. You get VR scenes from the best websites, and the library is always growing. The interactive theater also makes things very easy (and fun).

No download restrictions does not place a monthly download cap on its subscribers, in contrast to many other porn websites. That’s a blessing considering how large VR files are. VR Scenes are longer than regular video files, lasting 30 to 50 minutes on average. The absence of download restrictions makes sampling a little bit of everything simple given the enormous variety of content available at, compiled from more than 80 different websites.
5) Content on is free.

Uncertain if is right for you? Not to worry. Even before you register for a Premium membership,’s website offers thousands of free samples. We can’t guarantee that all of the options will work due to their sheer number. However, there are plenty of sample scenes here so you can decide if is the right site for you.
6) LGBTQ-welcoming

Whatever your interests, VR Porn has some high-quality content for you. Although the vast majority of the 2,800 or so scenes on the website feature straight couples, VRPorn also includes nearly 50 gay male-on-male scenes in the admission price. That is a significant plus in the highly fragmented porn industry, where genres are typically kept apart.

Cons of membership: 1) No special videos has more than 2800 videos from 84 studios, but it is missing its own original content. This might seem like a minor quibble, especially in light of the thousands of options from international websites that come with your subscription. This won’t be a deal-breaker for most users. You sign up after all to search a wide range of content. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something unique, this isn’t it.
2) The free content on is extremely limited should be commended for offering a free section, but it is extremely small. A complete scene is almost never to be found. Instead, you’ll find four to ten minute long movie clips. You may occasionally find a free video that isn’t available with the Premium membership even if you sign up for a full membership. It’s a bit strange. deserves praise for having a free section in the first place, despite this.

VR porn: Is it worth it?

In many ways, is the Costco of virtual reality porn. You go there for the quantity rather than a flawless, painstakingly curated porn experience. There is currently no other website that provides users with as much variety as does. Your membership includes access to more content than you could possibly watch, from well-known studios like Naughty America VR and BaDoinkVR to lesser-known ones like 3DHologroup. You might run out of scenes from your favorite creators and have to look elsewhere for your next option because your library contains content from so many different studios.

Thus, is a great tasting menu if you’re still deciding what you want from VR pornography. For a small fee, you can sample everything the genre has to offer, from classic bonkers scenes to spooky CGI productions. is unlikely to attract long-term subscribers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth signing up for a few months to check it out.