Why wouldn’t porn fans want the same thing when all the women you know pay extra to have cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove extracts added to their coffee, donuts, cigarettes, and tampons? The burning is, of course, the solution. The titular spice we’ll be looking at today, fortunately for all of us perverts, isn’t the seasonal kind typically added to otherwise flavorless pumpkin guts. Although this spice may be extremely hot, I’m not talking about cayenne or paprika either.

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably already performed some simple mental calculations and determined that the metaphorical spice in question is hardcore pornography. What kind of porn is the real question, and this is the real response: offers high-quality scenes from numerous renowned studios for a single monthly subscription fee. Although they have only been open for a short while, they already receive over 30 million visitors each month. By any standard, that is some explosive growth, which only increased my desire to enter and determine exactly what sort of smut they are selling.

Adding Spice to Spice Videos
Spicevids immediately leaves a positive first impression when you land on their landing page. You can tell they invested at least a few dollars in the web design, for starters, because the presentation is immaculate as all get-out. More importantly, famous pornstars are absolutely everywhere. After clicking the link, I was instantly seeing some of my favorite fap fantasies.

In the header photo, Abella Danger is showing off Riley Reid’s pussy, and below that are pictures of girls like Lana Rhoades, Adriana Chechik, Angela White, Mia Malkova, and Cory Chase. Regular porn fans will probably recognize the majority, if not all, of them as it scrolls on and on.

I think I’m a lucky motherfucker to have gotten to know these girls so well, but that’s not the only contributing factor. If I didn’t run my own reputable premium website, it never would have happened because these girls won’t work with just any old rando with a camera. They have high standards, so Spice Vids most likely has high standards as well.

Sure enough, they list a sizable number of brands that are included on the front page, and many renowned studios, producers, and pay sites are among them. Along with TeamSkeet, Analized, Fakehub, and Nubiles Porn, there are Brazzers, Reality Kings, Twistys, and BangBros present. Even though I adore amateur productions starring unknown beauties, it’s difficult to go wrong with these kinds of tried-and-true formulas. It can be risky to sign up for an off-brand membership, but I already have positive feelings about this one.

A week’s worth of samples, please
If I have any criticism of’s tour page, it would be that it is a little too sparse. Outside of that front-page spread, there are literally no other images or free videos to be found. They also omit important information, such as how much porn is contained inside. Any link you click simply takes you to the signup page where you are asked for your email address. You are familiar with the procedure.

The good news is that they provide an entire free week of Spicevids rather than the typical free preview videos I look for. I’m always happy to see something like this on a pay site, but it does have the usual catch I associate with free paysite trials: you have to enter your credit card number, and the subscription continues unless you cancel the trial before it expires. I immediately set a reminder on my phone to remind me to reevaluate the membership close to the end of any free trial, or really any new subscription that auto-bills. Compared to the customary method of forgetting until you check your bank statement, it will save you a lot of money.

You’ll land in a familiar-looking members area with top-screen choices of Top-Rated Videos and Trending Videos once you’ve signed up and logged in. A ton of famous starlets are banging in scenes from illustrious studios, making it once more a truly star-studded affair. It has a lot of similarities to the well-known free tubes, but instead of the customary 12-minute sample clips, it only contains full-length movies.

And there are so many of them, holy sh*t! I was completely astounded by what I discovered when I selected the Videos tab in the header and sorted by Top Rated. It seems like a really strong selling point, so I’m not sure why they don’t make it clear on the tour page. Over 231,000 films are included in’s basic membership. Even if they were selling shoddy amateur content would be enticing, but these are full-length films from the studios you already jack off to.

Spice Vids doesn’t list upload dates anywhere, so it’s difficult to estimate how quickly they’re expanding. Although they don’t specify how many, they upfront state that they add new videos every day. I believe it is safe to assume that they are not adding just one or two books to the pile each day, given the size of the current collection. By any set of standards, this collection is incredibly well-kept.

Which Spice Videos ought we to watch right now?
The website kept reminding me that I didn’t yet have access to everything as I fapped through all those hot SpiceVids. Truth be told, the constant offers to unlock more content made it seem a little spammy for a premium site. The Videos page even taunts you with a row of the Latest Locked Videos, and the header’s Store button displays a variety of additional memberships you can choose from for additional money. It will cost me an additional two dollars to unlock the video, but Nicole Doshi still looks stunning getting fucked up the ass.

When you click the word “Library” in the header, a drop-down menu will appear with your purchased studios and the locked studios that you must purchase access to. Only Spicevids and locked items like Brazzers, Digital Playground, Mofos, and Hentai Pros are listed under Purchased for me. The majority or all of the studios that are locked appear to have content available to regular Spicevids members, but depending on the studio, unlocking them grants access to hundreds or thousands more videos.

I wasn’t in a rush to add more subscriptions to my plan because there were still a few hundred thousand movies that I hadn’t seen yet. I went back to the Videos page instead, where I began experimenting with the filters. Spice Vids are available in a wide variety of kinks and fetishes. There are a ton of checkboxes in the Categories menu, including Amateur, Anal, Arab, and Asian. Come for the Cosplay, stay for the Orgies, and return later for more Pussy Licking and Squirting.

Big Ass, Redhead, and Feet were checked off, reducing the previously 231k options to just 21. A few seconds later, I was beating Diamond Foxxx in a half-hour of Brazzers scenes with a hospital theme. It’s a wonderful scene, and I slammed in really hard while grunting aloud. Although I received some strange looks from the other customers at Starbucks, that was pretty typical of my Wednesday.

My main issue with was being unable to access some content, which says a lot about the website. The abundance of content included in the regular membership will more than satisfy the needs of the majority of masturbators, especially given that new fap material is being added daily. I suggest trying out that free seven-day trial to see how you feel, but don’t hold it against me if all you manage to accomplish today is stuffing some sperm into an old gym sock.