There are many sexy stories on the SexStories forum. There are a ton of really talented writers there, from what I could tell, who can spin a yarn, get a dick hard, and make you cum all over your laptop! The porn industry needs to hire some of these writers right away because some of them are really good at crafting sexy stories. Contrary to the majority of the porn videos in this category, one story I read on SexStories was all about step siblings and actually made sense and was entertaining.

SexStories has all the necessary components to be a great erotic website, but are there any areas where it could be improved? Although this porn story website is far from perfect and, of course, no porn site is, we’ll get to all that in a moment.

I want to start by thanking the sexy community of this sexy story website because without them, the stories would be garbage! They write the sexy stories, so they wouldn’t be there, right?
The organization and style of SexStories

How many sexy story websites and forums do we have to review before these sites change their design? SexStories’ design is horrifyingly poor. I hate to trash this otherwise excellent website, but someone has to say these things. Almost every website that features erotic stories has terrible design!

The majority of these erotic story websites, in my opinion, were developed in the 1990s and never updated; instead, they were left to the community’s addition of sexy stories. SexStories’ content is perfectly acceptable, and there really isn’t anything wrong with it, but the repulsive blue background and lousy yellow links on the side of the page make it an extremely depressing place to be.

This sex forum’s design is identical to that of all the others. This may not be a problem for someone who frequents these sexy forums frequently because they can easily navigate, but for me, it is just old and boring. The layout needs to be urgently updated because it is so outdated.
The SexStories articles

As I mentioned at the outset, this website has some excellent sexy stories. The community is constantly adding new stories, some as recently as 22 hours ago when I visited the website. This is great; I’m so happy that people are still visiting this naughty sex story website. Due to past experiences with other sex story websites, I have only now read the stories on this sex site that have received the highest ratings. You will see the shit they are attempting to hide if you click on anything else on a sexy story website. Even though this website has some excellent storytellers, there are also a lot more terrible stories there.

Some of the sexy articles on this website have received over 13,000 reads and a rating of almost 98%. That is absolutely fantastic, and the author should be ecstatic! The other stories on this sexy story website will not be touched by me. Some of them seem like they ought to have been drawn in crayon on a hospital wall somewhere, in my opinion!

Therefore, you have been forewarned. This sexy story forum is pretty darn good if you stay on the homepage and never stray into the depths of any of the categories.
Consider adding more features to SexStories

Update the website’s design first, I suppose! The design of the next sex forum I join better not be like this or I might lose my mind! Many of these websites contain gifts from the porn gods, but they look like a pile of garbage with flies buzzing around it. How many times do I have to complain about how ugly sex forum designs are before someone creates one that looks great? If SexStories’ design were completely redone, I might actually spend some time there; however, as it stands, I’m leaving as soon as this review is finished because the design is just too gloomy to stay for the high caliber writing.

In all honesty, I don’t think there’s anything else about the site that I would change besides the look, feel, and design. SexStories has an absurd number of categories and stories (most of them are probably awful). So, they already have the content they need for their sexy story website; all they need to do is spruce it up a bit and they’ll be leading the charge to bring written porn into the twenty-first century!
Final thoughts on SexStories

It is a shame that SexStories’ terrible layout and design prevent you from using it. These elements are significant because they impact how a website feels in general. Most users don’t want to use a site that makes them feel out of date because of these factors. I still have the impression that I am looking back in time, even though I can see that some of the sexy stories were only posted 22 hours ago.

I would write a different review and change my mind if SexStories could update the look and feel of this sexy story website. The community on this story site is producing some high-quality porn, but they are missing everything else that would make it the best written porn site in the world.

Update your sexy story website SexStories as soon as you can, and we’ll let everyone know! I enjoy reading some explicit material, but I find that the blazing blue background makes it impossible for me to continue when my eyes are burning! Check out the stories on SexStories; you’ll love them. If at all possible, ignore the background.
The XNXX Stories Community

Before I let you sexy fuckers go and resume your sexy lives, which I can only assume are filled with picking up hot women at coffee shops and smoking after sex, I just want to briefly touch on the XNXX Stories community once more. In this review, I slated this porn story site extensively for its design, layout, general shitness, and other factors. I talk a lot of sh*t about porn sites. But I just wanted to say how wonderful the XNXX Stories community is!

Don’t get me wrong; not even the XNXX Stories community can consider the styling of this piece of dog shit a good thing. But I find it really impressive how strong the community is on this sex story website. It just goes to bloody show that even if a website has the worst design in the world—and this one is very close to winning that award—people will still use it, like it, and get bored of it if the content is good.

So, even though I think fairly that I have spit all over this website, I just wanted to express my sexually motivated gratitude to the XNXX Stories community. They helped me feel at ease on XNXX Stories, and because of their stories, I had fun using this vile piece of shit. If the neighborhood had given me shit, I would have destroyed this location just as it did my eyes when I first saw it!