POVR is a pretty clever wordplay. Because many of the scenes are POV, and because this is a virtual reality website, it functions on two levels. However, it’s also much more than that. This is a website where you can watch thousands of videos from some of the biggest adult VR stars.
The Benefits

The Best VR Websites’ Content

The top VR websites, including Wankz VR, BaDoink VR, and VR Bangers, to name a few, all have content on POVR. Therefore, if you are familiar with any of those websites, you are already aware that some of the sexiest women in the industry, including Gabbie Carter, Penny Pax, and Lexi Luna, are featured in the experiences. It would almost be simpler to tell you what you’re not getting in terms of the action. Hardcore sex, solo scenes, anal, blowjobs, feet fetish, threesomes, orgies—you name it—is all there! They even have their own unique scenes, unlike other tube sites. There are currently only 16, but they feature threesomes, cosplay, and even a scene with a Covid theme because they have only recently begun filming them.

Massive, Constantly Updating Collection

You can view roughly 15,000 free trailers for VR scenes without even having to sign up. But once you sign up for a premium membership, which grants access to 3,000 full-length virtual reality experiences, the real magic happens. And since they’re adding at least one or two new scenes each day, that number will only increase.

Up to 8K Immersive VR Videos

Depending on the website the content is coming from, the quality varies, but generally speaking, you can expect 4K scenes with a few going as high as 8K. You’ll need a powerful headset that can handle an 8K video for the latter, but don’t worry if you don’t have one—they have appropriate downloads for all the popular headsets on the market, including the Rift, Vive, Gear VR, PSVR, and a ton more.

Overall, the encounters have a truly immersive feeling. The premium videos either run in 180 or 360 degrees and are between 60 and 90 frames per second. The girl’s groans are audibly audible thanks to stereoscopic sound, and they appear to be extremely smooth.

Theater Interactive Mode

Utilizing their VR theater room is among the best ways to stream the content. In a virtual theater setting, it enables seamless navigation through the entire collection. To start any video, all you have to do is click the play button.

Other Valuables

If you don’t have the proper browsing tools, any collection this size can become challenging to navigate, but POVR has you covered. Numerous tags and categories, as well as simple search and sorting options, are available. Your favorite scenes can also be rated, commented on, and saved. And if you’re using a phone-powered headset, you’re good to go because it is fully optimized for mobile.
There is a very helpful VR setup guide available if you need assistance. When you need assistance with something or just want to chat with someone randomly, you can also visit their lively forum to do so.

The Drawbacks

2D trailers comprise free content.

The free videos are all, regrettably, just 2D trailers. They are still viewable in VR, but the experience is not at all immersive. When you subscribe to the premium service, they occasionally have the complete versions. But other times, if you wanted access to the full-length scenes, you had to actually register with the website the videos came from.

Minor drawbacks

Although 8K files are available for download, they are incredibly large in terms of file size. I discovered files that were almost 20GB at the largest. Just make sure you have the hard drive space and bandwidth for them.

To sum up

Stay for the amazing VR experiences that are included with a premium membership; come for the free content.

The incredible 3,000 true VR videos that you receive with a premium membership are what you’re going to come here for, not the free content. That’s a pretty sweet deal for just $25 per month. You receive VR scenes from the top websites, and the collection is constantly expanding. Additionally, the interactive theater makes things very simple (and fun).