For Pornhub, this year has been very busy. In addition to providing the world with billions of porn videos, it also donated a car, tried to clean up the world’s beaches, and tried to save the bees. The year ended with a Black Friday sale on its premium memberships. It’s time to delve a little deeper into Pornhub’s 2019 Year In Review’s surface-level statistics.

Like the years before (2018, 2017), 2019 saw more year over year growth in a number of categories. It’s difficult to believe that there are people on the planet who do not view or upload content to Pornhub given the site’s billions of page views per month.

This is Pornhub’s seventh annual report, which gets longer and longer every year. I’ll concentrate on the overall statistics as well as tech-related statistics like operating systems, time spent on the site, and mobile usage since I’m not writing a dissertation on it. As a data analyst by profession, it can be challenging to not touch on every single category on the report, but, like the brief period following a binge-worthy episode of porn, I am overcome by the overwhelming sense that I have work to do.

Pornhub received 42 billion visits this year. That is the solution. It amounts to 115 million each day. 39 billion searches were made, and frequently one of the 6.83 million brand-new videos uploaded in 2019 would appear. That translates to 723,041 GB transferred per hour in terms of data storage. Pornhub saw 80,032 visits, 77,861 searches (2,171 probably had their favorites bookmarked), and 219,985 video views every minute.

Pornhub received a day’s worth of content uploaded every nine minutes. We both see it and create it. There is no stopping porn.

The average amount of time spent on sites around the world increased by 15 seconds from 2018 to end up at 10 minutes, 28 seconds. Although that is a long time for a porn website, users weren’t only viewing porn. With over 11.5 million comments on videos and over 70 million messages sent between users, they treat Pornhub’s comment section like a social network. The total number of verified models increased to 130,000 after the addition of 98,000 new models.
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The site saw the most traffic from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., well after the sun had set and while people were still buzzing from their Call of Duty high. Surprisingly, Sunday was the most popular day of the week while Friday was the least. So picture what a sizable portion of humanity does every Sunday night at or around 11:30 p.m.

And most likely, they were using their phones for it. Pornhub’s traffic from mobile devices made up 83.7% (up 7% YoY) of all traffic in 2019. 76.6% of that traffic came from a smartphone, which replaced another portion of tablet traffic (down 17% YOY). My gaming PC feels special because desktop and laptop computers only made up 16.3% (down 18% YOY) of global traffic. Only 16.7% of desktop viewers were using Mac OS, while Windows made up the majority (75.5%). YouPorn, Pornhub’s sidekick, also made significant mobile advancements, as seen in its Year In Review report.

Android (46.6% of mobile users) and Apple iOS (52.8%) were almost evenly split. Here, the use of Apple iOS is up 19% year over year, while use of Android is down 14% year over year. This illustrates Apple’s stranglehold on the mobile phone market, at least in the US. The majority of this change is attributable to porn restrictions in India, a nation with a large Android population; as a result of its overall traffic decline, the mobile OS demographic changed.

Mobile (44.3%) and desktop (56.2%) usage were dominated by Google Chrome. And someone actually watched porn on Opera Mini (0.6%). Adorable.

Finally, it should be mentioned that users were using their video game consoles to access Pornhub and watch porn. With 51.5% of the traffic from game consoles, Sony Playstation was in first place. The PS Vita saw a 23% increase in traffic year over year, increasing its overall contribution to 9.1%. At least it’s still being used for porn. 34.7% of traffic came from Microsoft Xbox, an increase of 5.3% YoY.

The Pornhub 2019 Year In Review report can be found in its entirety at the Insights blog here (SFW). There are a lot more porn-specific statistics there, such as the most popular pornstars, the most popular categories, age and gender breakdowns, LGBTQ statistics, the most popular celebrities and video game characters (Zelda, Lara Croft, and D. Va top the list here), as well as traffic variations in response to global events.

There is something for everyone, whether you love data as much as you love porn or just really, really love data. just like actual porn.