What transpires when an eager young woman fails to secure a position as a model for a calendar app? To get the job, the girl will do anything. She blows the casting director in the beginning, he fucks her in the middle, and she gets covered in cum at the conclusion. You can see it for yourself with the help of our TBP discount. Of course, if you’re interested in learning more, scroll down for more details.
The Benefits

Porn auditions are model castings.

I have to commend Net Video Girls for coming up with a plausible scenario. Young aspirants show up with the expectation that they will be modeling for a seductive calendar. However, it’s not a printed calendar. It’s an app, which in this day and age is a more believable premise. At the tryouts, a variety of amateurs show up, and after conducting interviews, they end up blowing and riding the casting director’s cock while the director is filming it. 1,078 scenes from over 20 years of casting sessions are available for browsing, and new ones are added every two to three days.

View Several Hundred Ultra HD Scenes

More than 300 recent scenes are available for download and streaming in 4K. There are approximately 100 more in 1080p. The sex is primarily POV with a few side shots, but the screen tests appear to have been captured with a camera on a tripod (probably from the tripod cam). The women are always kept sharply in focus thanks to the consistently reliable camerawork on Net Video Girls. They occasionally also use a split-screen shot to show you the fucking from two different perspectives.

2 Bonus Casting Channels to Enjoy

There are a few interracial scenes in Net Video Girls, but Casting Couch HD has a ton more. Women auditioning to be in music videos are shown riding the Black casting director’s BBC and sucking. More amateurs from Net Girls attend porn auditions with lots of anal and creampies.

Explore on All Devices

The interface for Net Video Girls and its two bonus channels is the same, but it’s simple to decide which one you want to view. Basic search, tags, and sorting options are all part of the browsing tools. You can give scenes ratings and comments, and members offer witty commentary. You can favorite videos, and the player’s tags allow you to skip to that section of the stream’s action.

Other Valuables

Use the private messaging feature to get in touch with the production’s creators, Chris and Mike.
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The Drawbacks

Minor drawbacks

Once you reach the updates from before January 2015, the updates abruptly switch from Full and Ultra HD to just SD.
The girls are not mentioned in the model index at all. Without the ability to separate the performers by channel, it also has all the female performers from across the network.
There are no pictures included with the videos.

To sum up

among the most widely used casting websites, and for good reason!

Want to see the newest faces in the industry? If you do, Net Video Girls hosts casting events with women who have typically never been on camera. Numerous more recent scenes are available for download and streaming in 4K. There will always be new porn auditions to watch thanks to multiple weekly updates and two bonus casting sites.