My innocent virgin niece

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I always got along well with my cousins when I was growing up. We hung out and engaged in activities typical of friends. Compared to my other relatives, one of my female nieces, who is three years younger than me, always looked up to and admired me a little more.

She was forced into a sheltered existence by my aunt and uncle. She eventually developed a severe case of social anxiety and grew up with few friends besides me. She has a nice short haircut, is really short, and is just a little full, but not too fat. She has a very average face, but her boobs, my god, the developmental gods really blessed her in a way I’ve never seen before.

She may be my niece, but I can objectively say that she had some of the most beautiful tits I have ever seen, if not the best. They were definitely a work of art because of their shape, bounce, and sheer greatness compared to her height and waist. By the time she turned 21 they were pure melons, and I always noted how much bigger they got each year.

When I was 24, I finally acquired my own apartment about 15 kilometers from our hometown where I worked. One day I receive a text message from my cousin updating me. It turns out that she is in the process of acquiring a home of her own, not too far from where I live. She claimed she was tired of staying home and longed for the freedom to go out into the world unseen all the time.

I congratulate her on her move and tell her that is fantastic. She says she agrees completely. She mentions how she has never tried alcohol before and that it is something she wants to experience. That she says this really surprises me. She was always my sweet young niece who lived a fairly traditional life in my eyes. We end up talking further, and somehow the subject of dating and sex comes up. She stated “I guess I’m just tired of living such a boring, sheltered life. I want to go out and have some fun. I mean, I’ve never really had sex before, funny!”

Hearing this immediately gives me the chills and butterflies. Although I was already pretty sure she was a virgin, I was still surprised to hear her say this out loud. Despite the fact that I am already tremendously excited, I smile playfully in an attempt to appear calm.

Then she invites me to come over this weekend so we can celebrate the new place by drinking and hanging out. Moreover, she adds that “you should probably just stay the night because we’ll be drinking.”

Right now, the idea that this experience could actually take place has me incredibly excited. We arrange for me to visit on Saturday night.

She texts the night before ” excited for tomorrow!” and attaches a selfie in which she shows more cleavage than I have ever seen on her. She really did her best to show off those huge tits; her nipples were practically sticking out above them. I replied with “Me too!” and staring at the picture, I then began to jerk off.

One Saturday night, I show up to deliver drinks to her door while it’s raining. Unexpectedly, she shows off her beautiful melons by putting on a blouse with lots of cleavage.

We continue drinking pleasantly, and eventually start cuddling and talking on the couch. She sits on my lap with her tits right in front of my face by the way she leans back. At this point I finally lose control and end up jokingly declaring “Tell me, how did your boobs get so damn big? Oh my goodness, those are mountains!” She stated “I have no idea, haha! But I must admit, I’m happy for them!” They really are quite beautiful, so you should definitely be proud of them, I chuckle and remark.

Says she “Oh my, thank you. Do you like them then? Do you feel like they’re not too big?” I say “absolutely not! They are beautiful and just the right size” ” Oww, I’m glad you like them,” she says. I immediately ask, “Can I touch them?” at this point, when my cock has a bump from being so tight. She nods her head and offers me a friendly “mhm!”

At this point, I don’t think I’ve ever been so aroused in my life. I begin to squeeze and rub them. To play with such an epic pair of tits, and to sit from them on my niece, the whole experience was out of this world.

She says, “Do you want to see them?” and pulls up her top, gently lowers her tits and finally exposes them after a few minutes of squeezing. Her huge tits and beautiful nipples were breathtaking. I started sucking on her nipples while rubbing my face over them. She starts rubbing my hair while moaning in my ear. She starts stroking my cock, which is bulging in my pants. I stand up, unzip my jeans and pull my cock out in front of her without even asking. I will never forget the expression on her face when she first saw a cock in person. She was incredibly intrigued and horny. Then she started sucking me, and for a beginner, she did a fantastic job.

I ask after a few more minutes of excellent oral foreplay “what mood are you in? Do you want to go all the way with this?” Says she “I believe so, but I’m a little anxious because it’s my first time. I never could have imagined that I would lose my virginity to my cousin. But honestly, you’re the only person I can think of right now who I’d rather lose it to than you.”

I say “It will be great. We’ll take our time and enjoy this wonderful evening together.” We end up holding hands as we make our way to her bedroom. On her bed, we strip off our clothes and begin to make out more. Then, slowly sliding my rock-hard throbbing cock into her tight, virgin pussy, I stand on the side of her bed with her feet in the missionary position on my shoulders.

She uttered the sexiest, hottest moan I’ve ever heard as her eyes widened, toes curled and fingers squeezed the covers. For easy penetration, I served her pussy with my rock-hard cock as I moved slowly. Since it was her first time, I was worried that it might be difficult for her, but she assured me that it felt wonderful and that she was enjoying it. The icing on the cake of the hottest night of my life comes after I slide my cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy for a while longer. We fall asleep together, and begins the secret passionate relationship I have with my cousin with huge tits.