Literotica will give you the best erotic experience ever if you enjoy reading naughty stories and have a vivid imagination. This platform makes it easier for readers and writers of sex content to connect and benefit from those encounters. You can read arousal stories written by accomplished authors, post comments, or even get in touch with the authors you enjoy the most.

Since its inception as a free platform in 1998, has been open to anyone who wants to read erotica. This platform was created by, as was Chyoo, a comparable erotic fiction website that is currently working on a new look. In contrast to, encourages authors to post open-ended stories that will inspire other users to come up with a variety of endings.

In addition to reading the texts, you can also contribute to the creation of new stories. The management of Literotica values the contributions made by both seasoned authors and newcomers. However, you can also take pleasure in other sex-related content like images, live sex webcams that are broadcast 24/7, erotic chat, and the purchase of sex toys.

Litotica contributors

active participants
Millions of users have registered; most visitors are from the US
women outnumber men.

Every month, more than 50 million people visit the website. It is noteworthy that visitors typically stay on the website for over 15 minutes, whereas Pornhub can only claim an average user stay of 10 minutes.

The majority of Literotica visitors come from the US and Europe, according to an analysis by Alexa. However, there are still some individuals from other nations. Additionally, it’s interesting to note that women favor erotic writing over sexy material. A woman who is related to you may be the subject of a pleasant discussion about a particular genre of fiction, and you may even arrange to meet with her. However, use caution because complete anonymity can fool you, leading you to mistake a date for a brutal male beast.


Free registration is offered.
Three minutes are needed to finish the registration process.
The only audience for the content is adults.

You must be at least 18 years old to view the content on Literotica, and you do not need to provide any identification or proof of age documents. Anonymity, unique usernames, and the lack of photos are the site’s main features because it strives to protect users’ privacy. It’s not surprising that people would want to reveal their names and faces online because the content is quite specific.

You can register and feel at ease if you agree with this policy, don’t want to share your data, and are aware that the majority of members do. You must enter your email address as well as your username and password. You must use the hyperlink in the email that the website’s system will send you to activate and use your account in order to access the content.

Start a dialogue

Chat with people using LiveChat.
To send a DM, use a unique form in the user’s profile.
Any topic can be discussed in forums.

On Literotica, communication is only possible between registered users and is completely free. You can communicate with the other members by using:

LiveChat. In the chat rooms devoted to a particular topic, you can communicate and exchange messages in real time. Unless you won’t be entering any of the chat rooms, you should create a special chat account before using a chat service.
Online video chat. There, you can use your webcam to communicate with others.
Forum. Within the rooms that the moderators have created, people can create the topics they want to discuss or communicate.


Only basic information can be found in profiles.
Anyone may complete the biography field.
There is a Favorites list.
Send direct messages to individuals using their profile

If a user doesn’t want to share any personal information, their profile can be completely blank. However, any user’s name and avatar are still visible on the website. If they don’t want anyone to know about their preferences, members can also hide their Favorites lists.
mobile application

App is only accessible through Android devices.
It won’t take up much room on your smartphone.
The layout is uncomplicated and clear.
The application is new and in development.

The administration requests that all users test out their brand-new Android mobile application. Although it is still in development, users can access almost all of the features found on the desktop version. Owners of iOS devices are currently unable to use the app, but this may change in the future.

Free offerings

On Literotica, users can essentially do anything for nothing. Services that are provided for free include signing up, creating a profile, communicating, posting stories, and reading them. Members may also take part in administration-run competitions. There are three different kinds of contests: yearly, monthly, and special contests. In any contest, the members who submit their stories and receive the majority of votes may win up to $100.
Presentation and interface

The design is so plain that it appears somewhat dated and uninspired. With its straightforward color scheme and total lack of graphic details, it is reminiscent of the layout of an ordinary forum. However, some believe that this design is the best for reading sex stories because it prevents users from being distracted while they read and browse. However, the simplicity is only apparent in the text-based section; for instance, the CamShare section is much more attractive and bright, so head there if you want to see some colors and emotions.
Special attributes
Illustrations and recordings for adults

In addition to texts, images, videos, and even recordings can be found in Literotica. All of these are available in the relevant website sections.
Literary Analysis Tags

This is one of the best features of the website, according to the reviews. To make their works easier to find or to group together for convenience, authors may use tags under their stories. If you have ever used Instagram, tags on Literotica will function similarly, ensuring that you never get lost among the stories.