Interested in a Fiq Fuq? It’s very similar to a TikTok, but you’ll probably find it simpler to blow off steam on. When it comes to the kind of content I review here, that’s actually among the most crucial aspects of any good website. While your niece might be able to pass an entire day watching popular dance videos, dangerous challenges, and viewer comments, perverts are generally a little pickier about the material we consume. I’m not sure I have much use for something if it won’t make me rock-hard and help me throw a load into an old gym sock.

The premise is clear from the title: A free porn website designed in the TikTok style is called Since TikTok hasn’t been around for very long, it makes sense that they are a more recent website. Although it has technically existed since 2016, it has only recently become a cultural phenomenon. It’s my job and duty as a professional masturbator to visit the establishment and give you other self-love enthusiasts my honest opinion. Goddamn, there are times when I love what I have to do for a living, and today appears to be one of those days.

What on earth is FiqFuq?
First impressions are important. When you gaze at a baby, where do your eyes land? Is it her boobs, face, ass, legs, feet, twat, or something completely different? That question is more rhetorical because, regardless of your response, it will almost certainly appear on FiqFuq’s front page. To put it mildly, the presentation is pleasing to the eye, with all that excellent T&A presented in a tidy layout with a nice logo at the top.

The front page is a wall of thumbnails, like the majority of free porn websites. Though it still looks like a menu page, the asymmetrical images resemble modern social media apps more than all the tubes we’ve been seeing lately. In essence, they’re asking you to choose a starting point.

Also, there are a ton of excellent places to start. For instance, some TikTok porn sites only feature leaks from the app, in which girls shake their tits and presumably receive a ban from the service. TikTok’s own Terms of Service prevent too much fun from happening there, so you end up with a lot of relatively softcore fare—mostly amateur nudes—which is amusing, but it has its limits. FiqFuq has a nice, broad selection of amateur and professional, hardcore, softcore, and fetish material, as you’ll probably notice.

Fiq Fuq is a TikTok-inspired porn site, so it does skew heavily toward amateur content because it is 2022. I see bedroom dominatrices and cumshot selfies, cosplay girls posing topless and playing with themselves, and girls blowing their boyfriends or giving footjobs to dildos. Other thumbnails display scenes that are obviously lifted from finished productions, such as the point-of-view photograph of Gianna Dior with her mouth encircling a cock. On the Porn couch, I actually saw the same thing happen, and I have plenty of video to prove it.

The mixture of amateurs, traditional pornstars, and social media sluts comes in all different sizes, colors, and shapes. There are so many young, attractive faces, with the selection occasionally containing a familiar mug. Right below an Instagram model flaunting her big ass, Riley Reid was riding a guy’s face, and behind her was a big-titty goth girl with a leash. Even though I’m as tough as a rock, I’ve only reached the front page.

Suitable for a Quick Bathroom Fap
Beyond the front page is where’s real trick, which is hinted at in the name, is found, so things get even better from there. In 2022, every website will be responsive to mobile devices, but this one stands out on a phone or tablet thanks to its app-like design. Just like TikTok, you know. (It functions well on a desktop as well. Instead of swiping, you’ll just be using the arrow keys or clicking on the edges.)

I selected a picture of a PAWG cosplayer who was sporting a mask and fishnets and was giving me the boner. Perhaps it’s just the amazing ass. Fiq Fuq stretched the full-sized image across my screen in any case so I could take in all of its splendor.

I swiped after giving it some thought for a moment. This time, a woman in underwear crouched down on a bed and displayed her jugs and fuck-me face. Another still image appeared, but my next swipe took me to a POV blowjob video. As she slides her pretty mouth up and down the shaft, the woman locks her brown eyes on the camera. Then, the video loops.

In the minutes that followed, showed me numerous POV cock-riding and doggy-style loops, as well as additional topless girls and cocksucking whores. I then clicked the “More like this” link after finding a fantastic amateur photograph of a couple of girls showering with a lucky guy. It took me to another picture menu where there was more amateur porn, girls in the shower, and naked roommates.

The categorization isn’t perfect because there are some passages that may not follow the theme. Having said that, it’s a cute little method of getting more of what you like. Free porn sites don’t have the resources TikTok does to create algorithms that perfectly match your interests and hook you like a crack addict, but the Fiq Fuq system works quite well nonetheless. Unfortunately, you have no control over what you can watch on some of the shadier TikTok porn sites.

What’s the Source of All This Porn?
Like the app it is based on, FiqFuq has a simple interface that keeps the majority of the screen clutter-free so you can enjoy the boobs, butts, and humping. The Source button in the corner, one of the few links present, will direct you to the Reddit post where the image or video was first posted.

Reddit is so well-known that I frequently take it for granted that everyone is aware of it. They’re one of the biggest, most visited websites on the planet, and their discussion boards cover basically everything. Because there are so many X-rated subreddits, I’ve dedicated a whole section here to them. Reddit is a major source of content for, which goes a fucking long way.

One benefit of getting your content from Reddit is the wide variety you will receive, which we already covered. The pool is essentially infinite, though I’m not sure how quickly Fiq Fuq’s robot is grabbing content from Reddit. That implies the possibility of virtually endless updates in just about any category. In fact, it seemed like every time I refreshed the front page, I was getting a brand-new batch of TikTok porn.

Although I’m not entirely sure how it all works, I assume that the “More like this” button pulls content from the same Reddit. Perhaps this is why the categorization, while not ideal, is still acceptable. A browseable menu of subreddits or genres would be nice, but perhaps I’m just thinking like a relic of the past internet masturbator. Less browsing and more instant content are part of TikTok’s magic, and FiqFuq’s magic is also largely based on this.

For a while, I sat down and took my time scrolling through thick, juicy asses jiggling on guys’ faces, lesbian 69s, forced interracial pussy eating, and teen nymphets taking nude mirror selfies. I saw close-ups of girl-cum-dripping fingered twats, schoolgirls working themselves up with vibrators, and MILFs absolutely going to town on men they are too excited to be married to. A fucking asshole started banging on the bathroom stall and asking if I was almost finished after I had been edging for almost an hour. I must no longer conduct my reviews from Starbucks.

For cheapskate masturbators looking for a change from the usual free tubes, offers a great alternative. The interface is similar to TikTok or another social media app, but the content is exclusively made up of brief pornographic videos and lewd images. What are you waiting for? Possibly the most important feature is instant accessibility. Get to it right away and start fapping!